Marta Ferri

If I born again I want to be Marta Ferri. She is tall, lean, a 30 something brunette with huge blue eyes, and this would be enough already … There are people you meet and feel on the same page with, all the more if they are classy, witty, outgoing, very down to earth and have a great smile. Sounds impossible, uh? Well, you should meet Marta.

I actually suspect it mustn’t be that easy to be a designer AND cooperate with many  fashion and design brands AND be the daughter of renowned artist of the likes of photographer Fabrizio Ferri and interior decorator Barbara Frua, AND the wife to designer Carlo Ludovico Borromeo AND mum to two children, but she makes it seem easy peasy. I’m pretty convinced that if I didn’t like her so much I would probably hate her.

But what is it that I really like about Marta Ferri? Her evening gowns. Marta designs assertive clothing. Now, let’s be honest, I really had enough of 50s patterns, rhinestone, gigantic sequins and marabou feathers. Marta is a treasure rider. Vintage fabrics, upholstery and possibly even tapestry she magics into one of a kind gown very much magicabula style: an unexpected one, a stunning one, one you could match with glass slippers and be sure EVERYBODY will remember. Her clothes are not for everybody, you have to dare wear the embroidered upholstery of a couch and be ready to feel the bloody Saba Queen before going out, it kind of push you out of your comfort zone but – if you dare – you’ll see how easy it is to take pride in being different, one of a kind, yourself.

She looks at you, looks at the fabric and makes the sketch, creates that very one dress that you will wear for the rest of your life because it’s completely out of any fashion trends and suits you. It suits only you because it was expressly thought and designed to become you. Not to mention the fact that it’s hand made by the most skilled premières and seamstresses in town. YOU WON’T WANT TO DRESS COMMERCIAL ANY LONGER.

Not that Marta’s fashion comes for a song, but last Tuesday I was at the inauguration of her new Atelier at no. 14 Piazza Borromeo and I realised that people go out of their mind for whatever she makes and I also think I understood why… it’s exclusive, it’s assertive, is different, it’s one of a kind. Ready to feel one of a kind? It’s something it is a worth doing 😉