When I was an enthusiastic outgoing 20 something the word “blog” didn’t even exist as far as I remember. We used to pick up allegedly “serious” subjects such as law, economics and the like to become lawyers, finance professionals and the like. No Chiara Ferragnis back in those days. And indeed I studied law, joined the bar and worked as an attorney at law for some 15 years. Then my family had to move to Switzerland and – to my surprise – all of a sudden it dawned on me that I didn’t want in the least to start working as a lawyer all over again in a foreign country: I was being given the chance to have a brand new start, to nurture different dreams, cultivate new interests, to pursue another project. Thus, I devoted myself to what I expected to be some lighter, easier stuff such as being kind of a fashionable stay-at-home mum and take care of myself and my family. And, well, I’m currently finding out that this stuff is not as light as I thought in the beginning, but it is definitely what I want to be up to right now. As a cherry on top, I thought to report on my delirious vicissitudes in a blog for everybody to partake in what happens in the life of a dignified, flinty lawyer who suddenly finds out to be a …. Late Bloomer 😱