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Remember a few days ago? I was wondering whether or not it was the case for me to go back to my yoga practice cause I found the OM thing they do altogether at the end of each practice kind of “scary”, so to speak. Well, eventually I decided to open my mind to this new experience and to endure, maybe just refraining from vibrating as an amp together with my class mates. I didn’t feel ready for that in the least.

I was quite content with my being so sympathetic with another culture and respectful of its religious feeling and was almost looking forward to the OM moment to demonstrate my best understatement when the guy pulls out a little gong.

“Now – he says – sense what part of your body vibrates depending on the different sounds of the gong and the way the sound’s pitch affects your breath”.

Next to come on the OM topic, “dress to impress”: have you ever noticed the incredible attires people dare put on in a yoga gym?

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