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Tomorrow is thelatebloomerblogger’s first month of activity. I created the blog and edited my first post on October 7th. At least I think it was October 7th. It’s a bit like tracing back the date of the very first time you went out with your current husband: more or less you know when it was, but not precisely, because you didn’t really carve it into the stone at the time, did you?.. How could you possibly imagine you were going to marry the guy?! 😳

However. I’m really happy with this thing, wonder why I haven’t started a blog before, and therefore decided to celebrate and to get myself a present. 

What I need is a witty, well wishing token of my very fashionable commitment, something that can make me even happier right now and – above all – something that can cheer me up when I’ll happen to feel dishearted and will be tempted to cave in and go back to do the lawyer.  

Now, when it comes to celebrating, if you want to go big, go for Dolce&Gabbana. Their staff is for gleeful people, you can’t really be miserable in a Dolce&Gabbana dress. And I’m not thinking of the most flashy pieces in their collections.  

When I was a lawyer I didn’t wear the dull kind of suites lawyers usually wear. I simply couldn’t. Notwithstanding my older colleagues looked daggers at me, I was always quite casual and coloured, but of course when I had to meet some clients I couldn’t get along without putting on some more “lawyerish” outfits. 

You see? It sells like hot cakes among lawyers: here’s Amal Clooney heading to Court in a Dolce&Gabbana’s pinstriped suit


And there Dolce&Gabbana came in rescue: outside you’re an elegant, polished and almost severe lawyer in your pinstriped suite, but inside you’re dancing in your animalier lining. It’s like being at the church and having a beautiful secret: you just can’t help smiling notwithstanding the solemnity of the moment.

I even graduated in a quite manly blue suit with waistcoat, but the lining inside came in a vibrant, stunning red satin.   

But now I’m no longer a lawyer so I can dare much more than I used to… And here comes the quandary: should I opt for the décolleté with the caged heel and the rhinestone flowers above or for the more discreet lace loafers with cameo brooch below?  

When you call a dilemma 😉 … If you go, go big!