“Some people will do anything for money, even work” (P.K. Shaw) 

On the web I often happened to bump into some quotes by this P. K. Shaw. Some of them are really sharp and witty actually, but I couldn’t remember any artist, politician, philosopher or other personality with that name.

So I searched the web to find out who P. K. Shaw was and here’s what I found:

“P.K. SHAW is Pamela Shaw from Perth, formerly from NSW Australia. I may be contacted on psha1637@bigpond.net.au for further information. I am now retired but was a credit controller for many years. Before that I worked in the accounts department of a furniture manufacturer and was bored with the repetitive nature of the work; I was also bored with the quotations on the bottom of the desk calendars and decided to write some of my own and look for a market. It is surprising what you can do when you give it a go. Remember, “the person in the front carriage isn’t always the first on the platform”.-P.K. SHAW”

Another late bloomer 😏. She’s an inspiration.