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At this point I admit I don’t dislike yoga at all, though it’s now christal clear that I have some problems when it comes to the spiritual side of it. I had some extreme experiences with singing mantras that definitely require a post on their own.  But I take Pilates classes on Mondays and really wanted you to know that yesterday the teacher told me I’m one of the best in my class! 😳

Me? Good at such a thing as Pilates? Understand? … Me! The one who has never taken any classes of anything before cause I’m completely uncoordinated and always go the wrong direction and stumble into my classmates … and can’t remember a sequence of exercises or “poses” for more than 30 seconds, so that there’s actually no chance in the word that I can follow an exercise without looking at the teacher with a steady gaze. Me! … Wicked!   Well I have to admit that it’s not really a bunch of professional athletes in my Pilates class, we’re more or less all in the same boat, so to speak, but … WOW! I’ve never been good at that kind of stuff. She made my day, really! Now I should think over myself anew as a Pilates natural! Too odd to be true.

That’s the clumsy’s revenge!