This is going to be a very tough topic to discuss on. But we’re supposed to be speaking about fashion and flair here, and this is precisely what I’m gonna do now: investigate what makes the difference between a stylish  and a completely anonymous – though maybe even elegant – outfit.

Unfortunately I’m not a fashion icon (not yet at least 😜), my opinion is as good as anybody else’s, but I’m the wannabe blogger, so I guess it’s up to me now. It being understood that by now we all have developed a personal taste and made a more or less precise idea about what fits us, I’m telling you what my guidelines are and I would love you to comment and share yours (you never know where inspiration comes from). 

 In my opinion the difference between stylish and anonymous people consists in: personality, self-awareness and good manners.

“… Oh c’mon – you may say – this is the old story of inner qualities being reflected outside, but what makes the difference in point of fact?” Well, that I couldn’t tell, cause what works for me may not work for you, but if I had to make an educated guess, in a nutshell, I’d say the difference is in the details.

Colours and patterns: forget all those things about primary colours and complementary colours and the colour wheel. There are 2 different kind of people: colourful and monochrome. If somebody likes colours very much there’s no reason for not mixing them together the way one prefers; maybe – in case of doubt – it may be advisable to not exceed three colours at the time. I also love putting together different shades of the same colour. 

for instance here you have 3 different shades of blue (jacket-shirt-bag) and 3 different patterns (scarf-belt-shirt) and they work very well together…I hope at least


Shoes: personally I’m mad about shoes. I always find a new pair of shoes I would like to buy. But I can’t. Further to “everyday shoes”, so to speak, I have a few pair of shoes that really stand out, but that you can however wear with many different outfits and in different occasions. Something peculiar but not really kinky. In my book the one below is a good selection   While those below are funny but too “limiting”  If you’re on a budget but want something fun go for colorful rubber shoes and Chelsea boots like those by Lemon Jelly ( that – for some 50/60€ – come in many shapes and colours (and smell of lemon)  And if I really could indulge and make myself a treat my new crush is on Nicholas Kirkwood ( who – judging by his designs – is my kindred spirit.  

Socks and stockings: go for good quality socks and stockings. Nothing can spoil an outfit like laddered stockings or poor quality socks. Personally I really fancy brightly coloured socks that help give even a dull outfit a touch of personality. Beside the usual Gallo socks (, Philippe Matignon ( sells good stuff. And if you want to make a supply of “parigine” socks for a very good price or are fed up with tight elastic bands and want custom tailored or even initialled socks, San Cristoforo Calze is your supplier (

: personally I don’t have a soft spot for bags: they’re very expensive take a lot of room and I’m generally too lazy to change bag to match my outfit (assuming that is good for you to have your bag matching your outfit). But I like small bags that and then I fell in love with Nathalie Trad’s sophisticated Deco clutches (, which are those things that make the difference. The libanese Sarah Beidun ( makes some very ironic “cosmopolitan” little bags, but if you really want to go big designer Bruce Hoeksema’s VBH bags are for you. The “Pandora” bag featuring Mark Rothko’s coloured fields is stunning, though it costs an arm and a leg. 

clockwise Nathalie Trad, VBH and Sara Beydoun

… to be continued