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I think I’ve already mentioned my obsession with Miuccia Prada’s clothes.

I like the way her clothes draw together the tipical Milanese sobriety and the most sophisticated, colourful and sometimes even flamboyant finishing touches. Basically, most of the times her models consist in a very plain and almost down to earth dress enhanced by some precious embroidery, and this kind of “balance” between simplicity and refinement is something that I feel very comfortable with.


Prada plain white satin dress, the beads embroidery makes it eligible for a black tie evening


This one is even plainer the only embellishment being the rhinestone chain. Prada again


Actually I noticed that whenever it comes to choosing an outfit for a wedding, a cocktail or a party, I often end up wearing my same old Prada and Miu Miu’s dresses.

But that stuff of theirs doesn’t really come for nothing, so I got to the conclusion that – if I really wanted an additional and technically not-much-needed – it was worth trying to make my own “Prada-ish” dress by myself. 

In Italy  we have some stunning haberdashers selling any kind of rhinestones, sequins, etc. Unfortunately most of them don’t sell online, and those who do are mainly wholesalers, but after an accurate survey I ended up with a few websites where you can buy some amazing stuff also online.

http://www.manicardistrass.it/ sells online but asks you to register first (and I HATE registering first), while http://www.merceriaonline.eu/, further to selling online, comes in both Italian and English. 

Among those I went through, however, the best one is probably http://m.venditastrass.it/. It sells online, delivers worldwide but the website only comes in Italian. I got this rhinestone chain and I’m waiting for them to deliver it.  Chiara, my mother in law, caused her seamstress to make me a coral pink shantung dress identical to an old MiuMiu model I have (she’s great my in law, isn’t she?).

And now… EXPERIMENT! The first part of my plan now provides for me to sew the rhinestone chain above around the neck of the shantung dress to see what it looks like.  Easy peasy.


But if you are a daredevil and really wanna rock, you can get the tool above and apply thermo-adhesive rhinestones from 2 to 8mm according to the pattern you prefer without sewing.

And that’s the second part of my plan.

I wonder how Chiara would react should the dress come out like kind of a psycho-chandelier 😬