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Ms. Tracie is my kid’s teacher and – quite precisely – she says he’s a daydreamer. He just can’t stay focuses and can’t help drifting away with his fantasy. Actually she’s not even 100% sure that he can precisely draw a line between real life and his fantasy (I’m not sure he can either, even because I spontaneously tend to back him). But she’s probably one of the most decent persons I’ve ever met and she says she’s positive it’s nothing to be too worried about (not that I was in the least: he’s 5 and I didn’t really expect anything different from him), because he will: “grow out of it”.

 But I know he won’t. If only he took something from me (and apparently he’s perfectly alike his father so maybe he didn’t), he’ll keep on drifting away for the rest of his life and no reality will ever be as real as his daydreams. I’m still like that now that I’m mature, let alone when I was a child. You may have happened to see a TV series called “Allie McBeal”. The main character is kind of a freaky lawyer whose imagination is so wild that she actually can conjure the images out of her own imagination into real life.

Well – with the due distinctions and provided that I’m not on drugs – I am very much so, indeed, which definitely has its pros since I hardly get bored actually. The very moment I do I just drift away after my imagination. For instance: there’s a lady I particularly love to take pilates and yoga classes with. She’s maybe a few years older than myself and as fit as a human being can ever dream to be. And she breaths. Loudly. Very loudly. She sounds precisely like Lord Darth Vader, actually. Every time we take classes together I just can’t help laughing at the idea of Lord Vader in the Shavasana position right behind me.

This is nothing you can do without a vivid imagination or a strong gin and tonic and it is generally considered rather inappropriate to have a gin and tonic early in the morning. Have a good day folks! May the Force be with you… 😜