Just a quick post. Like it or not it appears Christmas is approaching and all the light stuff is being put on display here in Lugano. And I just saw a pick up carrying a spruce so I guess some dyed in the wool Christmas fans have already began to prepare their ammunitions. Now, I’m quite fond of Christmas myself. Actually love all those jazzy Christmas songs such as Diane Krall’s. What makes me sick is finding the right presents for everybody, especially because our close relatives (ourselves and our respective parents their spouses and brothers and sisters) count some ten thousand people. No matter how many nice things I see around during the year: when Christmas approaches my mind goes blank. So I decided that I’ll try to post every idea I have about possible Christmas gift.  

The first one is Mystyle Bags: bags of almost any kind with your initials embroidered on. They come in all the basic colours and some cool patterns, either in canvas or other fabrics, (including waterproof  fabric but are also suede versions available) and range from about 150 up. They sell in many different cities, including Rome, Milan, Florence and Lugano and also sell online (http://www.mystylebags.it/).

If you really want to rock consider buying something like the one I got for myself: camouflage canvas with fluo pink initials. 😎 I love it. It usually takes them a few hours to embroider the initials, but it goes without saying that the closer Christmas gets, the longer it will take, so consider going as soon as possible.