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And finally the moment comes when you eventually have to face your most scaring fears and cope with them, when you just put up and take arms against a sea of troubles. So after 5 years I decided the moment has come for a “mother-and-son-holiday”. The Almighty C. and I. The two of us. Alone. 

Ours is a 3 people family so we usually tend to stick together and when we’re not together there’s always some baby sitter or family member close at hand. Not this time. To tell the truth we’re going to Dublin to visit his best friend M. so chances are I’m not even going to see him as long as M. is around, but anyway, that’s kind of thrilling. It’s a 2 and a half hour flight to get to Dublin, so – demonstrating kind of a touching wishful thinking – I got this Usborne activity cards to entertain him. They come together with an erasable crayon so that the kid can also write on them. Now, thinking to entertain the Almighty C. with rewritable activity cards is like thinking to tame a free lion with a toothbrush: he despises writing and/or drawing, grabs pencils and crayons as if they were blunt instruments (and mostly also uses them as such) and couldn’t care less of all those nice activities suitable to be carried out on an airplane without bothering other people. For instance, in this very moment he’s expressing his appreciation for the forthcoming trip by jumping down the coffee table as if he were parachuting himself behind the enemy lines. 

So I guess also this time I’ll have to resort to my usual educational tools: intimidation and/or bribery. But if you happen to have some nice patient little girl or a more contemplative little boy, give the activity cards a thought.

However…  This is to say that I’m not going to write as much as I usually do as long as I’m in Dublin, but I reckon I’ll have the chance to collect some good stories to tell you over there. I’ll keep you in the loop, however.