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Born in November 1985, Bill Waterson’s strip Calvin and Hobbes is probably one of the most loved and famous comic strips in the States. And it is just amazing. To tell it with Wikipedia, it follows the humorous antics of Calvin, a mischievous, and adventurous six-year-old boy, and Hobbes, his sardonic stuffed tiger. The pair is named after John Calvin, a 16th-century French Reformation theologian, and Thomas Hobbes, a 17th-century English political philosopher. At the height of its popularity, Calvin and Hobbes was featured in over 2,400 newspapers worldwide. Reruns of the strip still appear in more than 50 countries. By 2010 nearly 45 million copies of the 18 Calvin and Hobbes books had been sold.

Calvin is a brat, as smart as a whip, trying to cope with a world that doesn’t fit him in the least. With his stuffed tiger Hobbes – that is as real as you and me to little Calvin – he lives his everyday life as if it were the most thrilling adventure. When I was young I thought that if I ever had a child I would want him to be like Calvin. “Protect me from what I want” goes the saying and (as you may have understood yourself by now if you happened to read some of my previous posts) being every bit as much daydreamer, witty, confusional, clumsy and fun, my own child – AKA the Almighty C. – proved to be Calvin in the flesh.


This is probably the reason for I was happy as a kid when the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection was made available in the Kindle store. Nothing works better than keeping a Calvin and Hobbes on hand for you to read when you have a bad day.

Definitely, if you want to make somebody a great Christmas present to cheer them up and allow them to bend over with laughter consider buying them the collection celebrating Calvin and Hobbes’ 30th anniversary that you can order on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Calvin-Hobbes-BOX-SET/dp/1449433251/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446071255&sr=8-1&keywords=complete+calvin+and+hobbes+paperback) with a 40% discount at 59.58USD. They’ll love it, take it from me. And if you have never read it yet, don’t waste another minute, it will make your day.