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Children are no longer those they used to be: tech savvy since their very birth, multitasking, video-tablet addicted, most of them are not easy to surprise nor prone to magical thinking. On top of that the “realistic approach” seems to be the trend of the moment. The only time I tried to say that I would have preferred the other (more mature and realistic of course) children not to tell my 5 year old that there’s no Santa, I was gently reprimanded by a mom telling me that they don’t lie to their children. NEVER. Not even about Santa. What would they (the children) think of their parents when they would inevitably find out Santa doesn’t exist? OMG… I ducked and didn’t answer a thing cause I was rather speechless I must admit.

So you can’t actually give it for granted that your children will buy all the story about Santa coming down the chimney  bringing in presents on Christmas Eve. Days ahead they start searching for evidence that it’s mum and dad who actually buy their presents and you happen to find them with their head stuck in the closet or rummaging in the socks drawers. 

In this very critical moment for magical thinking the guys at Coca Cola had another of their brilliant ideas. It’s actually true that the Coca Cola Company has ever had kind of a soft spot for Christmas and truly clever advert, but this year they really ran the extra mile.   

This is the idea they had, which left also a hard one as the Almighty C. dumbfounded: go to http://italy.coke-xmas.com/, there you can select your kid’s name and fill in the blank with your telephone number, then you’re invited to prove you’re not a robot by selecting the relevant option and eventually the button “start the magic” appears.  Call the brat and let the movie begin. Santa sits at his desk watching straight into the camera. He starts speaking with the kid calling him by his name. Whereat my child – who was not paying attention in the least – had a start. Santa went on saying he had been very busy over the last few days but he really did want to call the Almighty C. because he actually has name and phone number of all the kids on his list. So he fetched the telephone keyed in the number and… You can’t even imagine the expression on the face of the little brat when the telephone rang. Oh boy the face he made! That alone was worth the trouble. So he answered the telephone and Santa said he had heard he had been a good boy and recommended keeping on like this. More or less that’s it. 

Easy peasy, but a great effect! Unfortunately I’m afraid the whole thing only comes in Italian. I’ve tried to change the URL into http://uk.coke-xmas.com/, to see if it was also available in English, but apparently not. But if you have an Italian speaking child this would make a wonderful present.