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I guess there’s a lot more than we can see about this man…  I wonder what his childhood was like considering the vividness and the richness of his imagination at 43… Flamboyant and self ironic, assertive and yet graceful, his winter collection stroke me, but the SS2016 just enchanted me. To cut a long story is just a genius. I must admit that I owe Mr. Michele a favour: he actually brought out an aspect of my personality that I still didn’t know. Gucci’s woman is kind of a Botticelli’s modern weirdo that in theory has nothing to do with me, but that at the end of the day is intriguing me more and more. I’m not even sure that his clothes would become me, but I got to the conclusion that all of them come from the way Alessandro Michele perceives the word that is the same I live in, but much more vibrant and poetic. So basically what I would like for Christmas are Alessandro Michele’s eyes to see the word… In the meanwhile I think I shall make do with a dress… 😜


In the end, I read that Gucci’s CEO, Mr. Marco Bizzarri, declared that Gucci will not discount either of Alessandro Michele’s first two collections essentially because, thanks to how well the collections are selling already, there is no point in discounting them. Sir, listen to my plea, this is not fair…. It’s Christmas, think it over, it’s never to late to help beauty to spread around.