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When I was young I couldn’t see anything. I had some 5 degrees of myopia and needed to wear glasses or contact lenses wherever I went otherwise I couldn’t even recognise myself in the mirror. Then, about 20 years ago, I had eye surgery and completely recovered.

Nevertheless over the last few months I’ve noticed I can’t see very well any longer, so yesterday I went to the oculist who actually confirmed that I need to wear lenses when driving, particularly at night (which is nothing compared to what I had to cope with in my younger years).

Every cloud has a silver lining though, in this case myopia brings along the actual need of one of the most versatile accessories ever that I really kind of missed: glasses.

I was in Milan so I went to my optician (Ottica Buratti, Piazza Virgilio 4) who is also very into the new trends (we’re supposed to be fashion bloggers here, we can’t just put on the first thing we bump into, can we? 😏).

As everybody by now had the occasion to notice, when it comes to prescription glasses for women the current trend favours those kind of retró, malish frames mainly coming in acetate (very much Colin Firth in “A single man”). Now, as a general rule I tend to shun current trends, and yet I didn’t want to go back to any frame similar to those I used to wear, so I gave it a go.

After having examined all the shop’s supply I ended up with a very distinguished selection.  

 A very ’60s black square frame by my beloved, Los Angeles based L.A.Eyeworks (http://www.laeyeworks.com/), a bit more feminine turtle frame and a futuristic, transparent frame both by Vincent Kaes (http://www.vincentkaes.com/ the transparent frame was actually my best choice) to end with a not particularly exciting camouflage frame by some “flamingo” glasses, which I had never heard before (https://flamingosun.com/).

They were nice and actually becoming, but there was something that didn’t really convince me…

And then I saw them, my new glasses after some 20 years: a huuuuge pink acetate frame with purple temples by L.A.Eyeworks. They actually came as sun glasses, but why not converting them into prescription glasses?


Now, I have to admit that the other glasses probably became me better and that there’s something broadly quirky about this frame, but I just couldn’t help choosing it. I guess it depends on my subconscious and what I want to tell people about myself. So what leads you to dismiss some good, becoming, fashionable frames to get some huge pink glasses the size of a TV-set? What kind of impression do you want to leave people with when they bump into you in your new glasses? Forget about it, it’s Christmas time… 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

By the way, I can’t wear them 24/7: they’re too heavy and – what’s more -I realised I can no longer read nor write when I have my myopia corrected!