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A few months ago the almighty C. saw the advert of a toy he literally fell in love with. It’s an almost mental game that provides for the kid to shoot at a ghost that is beamed in different spots onto the walls around. Of course I suggested that he should put “occhio al fantasma” (that’s the name of the gizmo, literally: watch for the ghost, more or less) on his Christmas wish list.

Motivated by his desperate lust for the “occhio al fantasma” thing, the Almighty also got to the point of writing Santa a formal letter himself (I wrote it, he copied it, which is however way more than I  would have expected).  

It goes without saying that I put off the purchase of the game until Christmas and didn’t give the thing another thought until this morning when I popped up into a shop, asked for the toy and was literally laughed at by the shop assistant who informed me that it was sold out everywhere from the very beginning of December. 

Panic… Well, I promised the kid loads of times that he was having it on Christmas and now I had to work it out.

So I tour half of the toy shops in Milan and eventually found it… At at least twice its usual price! Actually I have to admit that a few days ago my cousin mentioned that she was looking for a toy that she couldn’t find for less than three times its price, but I didn’t recognise the name of the toy and – for that price – I however expected it to be some particularly sophisticated, highly educational, hand painted in natural colours and handcarved wooden toy, not a sodden plastic, ugly, wacky game! 

I’m considering asking my cousin to join me as a consultant and rig up a business for the last minute resale of overpriced Christmas toys… You never know 🤔

In the meanwhile, may you all have a jolly Christmas!