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On December 14, 2015 I was as happy as a girl can be because I thought I had eventually found a Christmas present really fitting for my husband. My husband is actually a hard one when it comes to presents because – as he says – “I don’t care, give me a shirt or a waistcoat and I’m happy”… That’s the problem indeed, he couldn’t care less. 

So this year I was thinking of something more “personal”, something that could only come from somebody who actually knows him well (as I’m supposed to be as his wife) and had a brainwave. My husband is a fund manager. This is important because if I had to tell one thing he’s deeply fond of and couldn’t live without I would definitely say that’s financial markets.  

Thus, drawing inspiration from the “KEEP CALM AND ….” motto, I searched the web to find a manufacturer who could make me a couple of long sleeved shirts with my “customised” motto on.  

And bumped into https://m.spreadshirt.it/ that offers this kind of personalisation and much more. They also make personalised smart phone and tablet covers. They offer different kind of print (the “plain” one, the velvety, monochrome, polychrome etc.), their range of sweaters, shirts and other pieces of clothing is fair enough in terms of colours and models and of an average quality as far as materials and the prices are reasonable, BUT…There’s a but. On check out you can opt for ordinary mail delivery (expected into approx 5 working days) or express delivery via courier (2 working days).   

For some reason the express delivery implies an extra charge of some 40ā‚¬, which is insanely high if you consider that the average price of each of the purchased items hardly  reaches 40ā‚¬. Therefore I went for the ordinary mail, my parcel was despatched on December 17th and was expected to be delivered on December 22nd.

Too bad, it arrived on December 29! I had to perform my utmost to actually keep calm šŸ˜‘… However, husband wore the “keep calm and Mario Draghi” one yesterday and it was a great success!!

I have to admit that many of our friends do finance for a living and therefore tend to be likewise “fond” of things such as Standard and Poor 500 index and ECB’s President Mario Draghi, but I guess that – mutatis mutandis – the personalisation would work all the same if adjusted to the different individual preferences.

Just, maybe, place your order way before you actually need the stuff to be delivered šŸ˜œ