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If I’m a late bloomer in general this is particularly true when it comes to making plans and decisions, above all as far as holiday is concerned. I don’t know where I want to go, I don’t even know IF I want to go, on what day I want to leave and to come back, hate to make reservations 10 months ahead of the holiday itself and pay upfront.

As a consequence I often have to give up cause I can’t decide until the very last minute and when I do I can’t find any practicable solution… But now I’ve found Airbnb.

I guess you all have already tried Airbnb by now, but if you haven’t don’t wait any longer.

husband at work in the living room still in (part of) his skiing attire

We used to lease a flat at the mountains for the entire year. We had it for some 20 years but we really used to go as seldom as one or two weeks per year so in the end, a couple of years ago, we just decided to quit and to rent something for shorter periods when we wanted to go. And here the problem kicked in. However good and effective real estate agencies can be, they usually require you to visit the place first, produce loads of paperwork, liaise with different people, so it makes sense to return to them if you want to lease a house for a long period, but what if you only need one for one week or so? 

After having wasted all the past year looking for a flat in Celerina through the “traditional channels” with little or no success (to the honour of traditional channels I must admit the failure was more or less entirely my fault cause I couldn’t make a precise plan until the very last minute), as usually also this year I got to the 20th of December empty handed. But I really wanted to go this year. That’s were Airbnb came in rescue.  

picture I took at dawn from the balcony


In 2 minutes, without mailing or calling anybody or waiting for them to get in touch with a landlord and return to me, I rented a delicious flat in Celerina, 5 mins away from the skiing slopes (but with some snow you can even reach them on your ski if you don’t bother ruining them just a little bit). My host, Cecilia, came from Milan too, so – just out of sheer curiosity – I took a look on FB to find out that we had a dozen friends in common (then we also found out that we’re neighbours in Milan, just to confirm my theory that Celerina is a Milan colony as explained in my former post https://thelatebloomerblogger.com/2016/01/04/celerina-aka-the-campus-dormitory/). And actually being at Cecilia’s felt very much like being at some (nice) family member’s place: warm, friendly and easy. She was with her family and friends one floor above so we had the occasion to bother them in many different ways and they’ve ever been incredibly nice and friendly.

We got there late in the evening and found she had provided us with everything to prepare our breakfast the following day and – and this made my day – even with a bottle of prosecco to drink to the beginning of the holiday, which of course I immediately did with the utmost gratitude. The house was very comfortable and cozy: a typical Engadina house with wooden panels on the walls and a nice balcony overlooking a meadow covered in snow for the kid to play in (when eventually the snow came on the 31st).

The Almighty C. particularly appreciated the fact that the flat had a circular plant so he could run around and around the entire holiday 🙄. He also really fancied our host’s two children, which he tried to lure to himself screaming out loud in the stairs… He didn’t succeed with the two little boys because I guess they were too faraway on the third floor, but he certainly did with the lady of the flat opposite on the right to whom he explained all the (not particularly “linear”) composition of our family 😬, and the whole family of 4 + dog of the flat opposite on the left who appeared to share with him an insane passion for sticks. To my surprise however none of them complained about the kid vocalising and – on the contrary – they ended up making very good friends.

I appreciated the experience to the extent that I definitely decided to repeat it and – what’s more – to put on Airbnb my own flat in Milan, the one I used to live in before getting married, which is currently under refurbishment. The only question is: how can I make sure my guests shall be the nice people I expect and not some Hun prone to devastating my newly refurbished flat? I should have asked Cecilia… 🤔