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First of all you have to bear in mind that André Courrèges was an engineer and – to the best of my knowledge – you can change as many jobs as you want and use your talent in the most different fields, but if you start as an engineer you die as one.  

Second thing is that André Courrèges was a Basque and definitely being a Basque is something that define you more than any other motherland usually does.  Third thing – and possibly the most important of all – is that we all owe Courrèges (and Paco Rabanne I dare say) the Space-Sleek-White-streamlined look that got a foothold in the ’60s and is still thriving nowadays and therefore the Star Wars’ imperial army white uniform and the entire Apple design, just to mention a few (and miniskirt, which if he didn’t invent himself as Mary Quant did, he certainly contributed to make popular)

He took part in WWII as a pilot. After the war he started working as a civil engineer designing bridges, but before long his passion for futuristic design led him to join Cristobal Balenciaga’s Atelier in Paris (personal note: a man who goes under the name of Cristobal can’t help being inspirational I assume). There he met his wife and together they opened their own atelier in 1963. 

His same pieces were worn (among the others) by Jacqueline Kennedy (and Brigitte Bardot and Françoise Hardy etc.) back in the ’60 as well as by a Disneysh transgression princess such as Miley Cyrus on the occasion of the 2015 MTV Music Awards, and this is all we need to say about the contemporaneity and effectiveness of his designs (though I think Jacky might have made a more flattering testimonial 🤔)

Beside clothing he also designed some outstanding accessories such as the wicked glasses you can see in these pictures and the iconic ’60s boots that are a trademark by now (and that remind me a little bit those I bought for my friend Stefano’s birthday party https://thelatebloomerblogger.com/2015/10/23/kinky-boots-3/).

Today, his legacy is being carried on by creative directors Sebastien Vaillant and Arnaud Meyer, who presented their first collection for the brand for Spring 2016 (which I personally found extremely lame and quite sad, to tell the truth).

He died yesterday at 92. In his life, among the other things, he changed the fashion imaginary…  Scusa se è poco