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I may be a nostalgic and no doubt that the older I get, the more I see how this XXI is developing in all respects, the more I miss the last century. Probably it depends on the fact that those were the days of my childness and youth, but I can’t help missing them a little bit. Culture, politics, social relations and lifestyle, everything seems to me to outdo the current times. And I’m positive even fashion was better… Well, except for the ’80s fashion, that is 😁.

Today (like almost every day) I passed by Prada’s window in Via Nassa and couldn’t help noticing a man coat with an Astrakhan collar which reminded me so much of the seventies and my grandpa and it clearly came to me the picture of him taking me around at parco sempione in his camel coat and his Borsalino’s Fedora hat, his perennial sigarette stuck on to his lower lip.

And it really dawned on me that we all dress very very bad compared to those days, which is a pity. That’s probably why I’m positive we can tell a distinguished penchant for the ’60s and the ’70, not to mention the ’50s style of designers such as  Giambattista Valli and Zac Posen (which I love both very much, particularly GBV). Keep an eye on next season collections.

 In the Zara, Mango and H&M’s Era people are going back to precious embroidery and fabrics, sophisticated accessories, taylor made cuts. Beautiful things were (and still are of course) way more expensive than mass market products, but my husband still wears suits and coats who used to belong to his father, so I guess they well worth the money.

And I wondered what kind of picture will ever come to the Almighty C. of his mama running around in a multilayered fluo yoga attire (can you see the lollypop pink and fluo acid green thing reflected in the window? That’s me of course, I was on my way to my yoga lesson πŸ˜’). I should consider going back to some more decent outfits…