I’ve always loved man’s fashion very much because of its intrinsic refinement. Contrary to woman’s fashion that allows a great breadth of invention and creativity, I’ve ever thought that man’s fashion used to be sort of “soberer” in some ways and the difference between ordinary and outstanding was due to fabric, fitting, quality of cut and proportion, ability to match colours and patterns and textures, refined details, skillful choice of accessorises… Extreme quality and good taste in a word. 

patrizia pepe uomo

Now, apparently these 2016 Pitti runway shows are proving me terribly wrong and it’s crystal clear that man’s fashion doesn’t any longer bother sticking to the old gender distinction and men are now invited to feel free to dress up the way they prefer, the more colourful and cheeky, the better. And never mind if they end up looking very much like their own aunties or – possibly even worse – teenage nieces.

herno capsule collection: patchwork is taking the world by storm


But the truth is that when it comes to commenting on runway shows I am an absolute beginner and an underdog at the end of the day (let’s be honest: as a former lawyer I can’t help still having some “rigidity” left to overthrow so I suppose that certain things are still just too fashionable for me to fully understand) and I’m sure fashion magazines will tell you everything about the catwalks in a much more authoritative way, runway shows are not what I want to tell you about.

Actually Pitti Uomo is particularly renowned for being the place where the forthcoming trends of man’s fashion are disclosed to ourselves “big public” by those happy few trend setters who are really into it, the fashion world people, and these are the trends I want to report to you on: the “street style” trends. 

…. (to be continued)