It being stated that I love traditional man’s fashion best and am not particularly keen on  the last cross gender flair, as I was saying in my last post I would now like to draw your attention on some of the latest trends as purported by those colourful, self confident and glamorous creatures who were teeming the Fortezza da Basso during the recent Pitti Uomo.

I have to admit that, notwithstanding the metrosexual trend ruling inside – to my surprise – the number of men wearing some (more or less sober and more or less masculin) traditionalish men suits was impressive: pin striped suits as well as more informal tweed suits, possibly even some severe 3 pieces suits, either sartorial or more casual, this year the Pitti’s street-style-trend-setters sported a lot of classical man’s wear with a twist. 
But, and here comes (at least part of) the “twist”, don’t you make the mistake of buttoning up the whole jacket! No matter what the weather, only the first button of the jacket can be buttoned up and in and in any case you’re supposed to wear several layers of waistcoats, scarves and shawls underneath to keep you warm.

Whether or not this habit is going to get a foothold only the time can tell.

Well, I should therefore be quite content with this unexpected traditionalist drift, shouldn’t I? … Mhmm ๐Ÿ˜• 

Actually I couldn’t help noticing an unrestrained tendency to extreme close-fitting. Maybe aided by the recent Christmas nosh-ups, the place was packed with bearded (always bearded) guys of all ages literally wrapped up into their hyper tight jackets and waistcoats, their lapels stretching awkwardly, their buttons almost exploding… ๐Ÿ˜ณ they looked very much like stuffed dumplings to tell the truth.

Now, far be it from me to be a judgemental bastard: I got at least 5 kilos during these Christmas holidays and have to dive into my trousers jumping from a chair to materially fit in, so I’m the last one who can speak, but are we sure this is just a matter of seasonal binge eating? I mean, I’m not speaking of just a couple of folks…

And, above all, how does it come that you, you who are a fashion trend setter (maybe you work in the sector yourself as a buyer or journalist or even as a creative director of some minor brand), you who stroll around at Pitti in your outfit expecting your picture to somehow end up in some magazines (or at least some sodden blog like mine), you who probably have at least twice as many suits as any other average man, how does it come that you ACCIDENTALLY allow yourself outside in a jacket that doesn’t fit you in the least?


And then the doubt rises… WHAT IF IT WAS INTENTIONAL? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ what if the hyper-tight coat was the new fitting standard for fashionable people? (Wow, personally I would be very up to date in my current +5kilos, actually ๐Ÿ˜).

So, just to recap today’s fashion tip:

1. Button up only the first button of your jacket;

2. Go through several fine-toothed combings of your closet and put on as many waistcoats, scarves and shawls as you can get hold of so that you can stay warm and eventually…

3. … End up looking very much like a dumpling 

รˆ la moda, bellezza! ๐Ÿ˜„