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 The man’s image that the catwalks are giving us couldn’t be more playful and gleeful. Personally I love it, but because I would wear those pieces myself, rather than buying them for my husband.



But one thing I can definitely tell and couldn’t be happier about: preciousness is back and is of the essence. No more mass production, no more dull colours or blunt croquis, some of these clothes are weaved together with real poetry.

This is very much the case for the breath-taking embroidered fabrics by Maisonvalentino, to mention one, but you can count in all the great Maisons this year (except maybe Prada that always has it Miuccia’s own way, which – at the end of the day – is why we love her, isn’t it?). From Cavalli to DSquared all the way through Dolce&Gabbana, let alone Gucci, embroidery is the new must of the season. And this is soooooo very good, because really we’re in such a huge need of beauty and some old style craftsmanship that I can even overlook the fact that this year’s man fashion is the best woman’s fashion I’ve seen in the last few years.  



Now, it may be worth asking ourselves why fashion is proposing us such a sophisticated, colourful creature who clearly freed himself from all and any possible gender stereotype. 

Is this anything we like? Well… When it comes to these ridiculously transcendent gender questions I always think of my husband as a reference since he’s a very down to earth lad. 

A few years ago, to my dismay, my mum came home with a particularly quirky patchwork shirt with mother-of-pearl covered press studs by Desigual as a present for my husband who literally fell inlove with it on the spot (I must admit that both my mum and my husband proved to be way ahead of fashion tendencies since the patchwork Desigual shirt is very up to date now). Consider that my husband is not a designer or an architect or an art-something, he’s a fund manager, he spends his life staring at a multiple Bloomberg screen and making impossible calculations, so you would expect him to rather wear something more “sober”, so to speak. No way, he loves the Desigual shirt (which of course I hate).

husband happy in his desigual shirt

So, after thinking it over for a while, I got to the conclusion that the good thing about all this Desigual shirt matter was that he didn’t allow my idea of him to force him into some stereotype. Self confidence and a little of indulgence that makes no harm, I call it.

And here again, as far as embroidery is concerned, I’m pretty convinced he would answer this way: is it beautiful? do I like it? Does it even become me? Well, then why not? 

Let’s grow out of the boundaries of our own expectations, we may end up surprising ourselves … and we could even borrow something from our spouses’ closets 😉