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Very nicely some of my friends recently told me that Lugano apparently becomes me because (they say) I look prettier since I moved there. Actually I must admit that I do look slightly different so I thought about it to single out what the difference may consist in. 

I think it’s my hair. I’ve always had very short hair which is easier to maintain and, in my opinion, “cooler” than long hair and probably even more age appropriate now that I’m 43.  Back in those days I hardly needed some dying to cover up the very few grey hair that started popping out and used to go to my friend Pino who works at Coppola to cut it and was as happy as a woman can be (if you want a breezy short cut, call Coppola and ask for either Pino or Adalberto http://www.aldocoppola.it/ via Manzoni 16, +39 02 861737). 

But I must admit that hair does make some difference. First of all it kind of distract people’s attention drawing it away from your face’s defects (that as long as you have a pixie are in full sight), second maybe it’s true what they say about hair being kind or a seduction weapon.

This is all very true of course as long as your hair is lovely and tidy. Now, if long hair doesn’t require outstanding cuts, when you’re in your 40s (unless you’re an offensively lucky gal) it does require a lot of savvy dying.  

my hair ad it is now after having been rescued


In waiting for my hair to grow long I think I made any possible kind of colouring mistake: from dying it blonde in a way that made it appear going badly grey to an “Edward the Twilight Vampire” copper that hardly suits Robert Pattinson who’s one of the hottest little things around, let alone myself.

Now, believe it or not, dying mistakes can be way tougher to remedy than cut mistakes… Whichever dark colour you pour on your flocks to cover up a wrong choice the former one is however going to peep out and after a couple of shampoos shall irremediably affect the result.

So, after a never ending list of (very bad) colourists I had almost put up with the idea of giving up and cutting it short again when Monsieur Malbert (https://thelatebloomerblogger.com/2015/10/26/the-wrinkles-stylist/) addressed me to Davide Diodovich’s The Studio (Milan, no. 4 via Tasso http://www.davidediodovich.it/it/) and Susanna. The Studio in itself is worth a visit: peaceful and glamorous with a distinct Decó flair, it is a flat I would seriously consider moving my residence into, but Davide and his team really can bring your damaged pinkish hair to new life. Particularly in a world where colourists usually mix your dye as if they were mixing the colours to paint a nursery (and this is why I ended up with sort of a pinkish shade in my Edward Cullen copper hair I guess 🤔), Susanna is a blessing. 

She looks very much like a fairy, with a thin voice a cheerful smile and the messiest hair I’ve ever seen in my life. When I walked in the first time asking her to magic me back into a natural “human being friendly” hair colour, she put on her huge glasses took a close look and very matter or factly replied it was going to take at least a couple of months (if I wanted to avoid the napalm effect that comes from a too aggressive dye, that is).

And so she started working on it and in a couple of months I actually got back a colour that looks very much like the one I had when I was a girl and going grey was the very last of my thoughts (see the way perspective and priorities change over the years 😏). And for good measure, when I moved to Lugano she gave me a card with my personal colouring formula to deliver to my hairdressers chosen among those who made use of that particular product within the Lugano area (which she was so nice to find for me on the web).

So, if your colour is dull, your ash blonde a little greyish or your strawberry blonde a little pinkish ring the Studio and ask for Susanna: she’s gonna fix it for good.