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  There are many satisfactory things in my life and I really don’t think I’m in a position to complain: after some 17/18 years together my husband every now and then still tells me he loves me, my 5-year brat always tells me he loves me, my family and friends are reasonably fine, I’m more or less fine myself, now I even have a blog to work hard on… And yet since we moved to Switzerland there really was something I missed: my TV series.

I guess being a TV series addicted is not very fashionable and does not really fall within the glamorous activities recommended for a wannabe worldwide famous trend setter fashion blogger (just to keep my expectations at bay, you know 😏), but I can’t help having kind of TV series obsession.

Downton Abbey is by far my favourite one because it satisfies my passion for British costume drama (we all have some bad habits), but I also fancy all the Marvel’s superheroes and don’t disdain all the others from The Following down to Grey’s Anatomy even if the lattee has now degenerated into a soap opera. 

In Italy I used to have Sky, but since we moved to Switzerland I really felt a great emptiness. And then I discovered Netflix and I can’t imagine how I made it without it before. For some 9€ per month you’re gong to be spoilt for choice.

You can select a profile for each family member and personalise your show schedule. So, for instance, I watch “Breaking Bad”, “Jessica Jones”, “Grace and Frankie” and recently “Dead Like me”; the Almighty C. watches “Scooby Doo”, “the Daltons” and “Casper”, while my husband… Well, my husband actually watches what I select for us to watch. And further to the series, documentaries movies and anything you may possibly fancy watching.  

There’s only one problem about Netflix, that is altogether one of its pros, which is that all the episodes are available for you to see possibly even all at once. That is to say that the day you find a series you really like you can happen to cut loose and indulge to a TV marathon neglecting all your duties. 

Just for you to know why every now and then I miss a post or two 😘