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Now the question is: how does it come that every single time that we leave to go on holiday (and particularly to the mountains) we always end up with at least 4 bags, and a shopping bag full of toys and possibly another one just for the shoes and a backpack for the several I pads, PC, Mac, phones and battery chargers etc. etc.? 

Do we really need all this crap?

I guess the point is that the idea I have of myself and my activities is far more “glamorous” than my actual self. Every time I take several pairs of shoes, including high heels, as if I were going to the Dracula every other night (Dracula is a famous club in Sankt Moritz), at least a couple of complete ski attires and jackets and gloves and hats to go with the (too) many turtle necks I bring along.

I can’t live with it. I literally hate packing up and unpacking, I’m too old to waste my time piling up shirts and sweaters that I’m not going to wear, so I decided to start travelling light. Tonight we’re heading to Sankt Moritz and now I’m preparing the family’s lagguage keeping it to the minimum. 

So I searched the web for instructions on the perfect suitcase and actually I found thousands of matches most of which made little or no sense (also find one who suggested that you should start packing the week before leaving 😳) but these are the most interesting tips I selected.

1. First, check the weather forecast – according to the weather forecast it’s going to snow almost the entire week, which means it won’t be too cold but we won’t stroll around very much either.

2. As far as the clothing, follow this formula: three tops for every bottom – very well, further to the two complete ski attires (but they don’ take too much room cause last time I took them to the laundry I had them vacuum-sealed 😜. My mom’s pro tip: just brilliant) I’m taking one pair of Levi’s jeans and 3 turtle necks, but also at least 5 white t-shirts to go underneath. And underwear of course.  

3. As for footwear, limit yourself to sneakers and two pairs of shoes, one casual and one formal – considering that I’m going to the mountains this time I really want to outdo myself: just one pair of Sorel boots to walk in the snow and my old lousy Ugg for the remaining time… As usual my feet will go steam boiled every time I go to the restaurant, but there’s no way to avoid it.

4. Decide what to roll, and what to fold. If you’re using a duffel, roll everything. Otherwise, reserve that technique for knits (T-shirts, light sweaters) and fold garments that have more structure (blazers and trousers) – now, I’m not 100% sure I got the exact technique to roll the shirts and am not even sure that they take less room rolled than folded into two and put flat on the bottom, but I tried it. Let’s see what happens when I take them out 😒

5. Use trash bags to fight wrinkles. Here’s how: line the bottom of your luggage with a garbage bag; then, after you’ve packed, add another on top. The slippery surface keeps creases from setting – now this makes sense. I tried this too. I’ll let you know.

6. Arrange contents strategically. Stash footwear and other heavy items near the wheelbase; this prevents the suitcase from tipping over. Then layer in this order: rolled garments, folded clothes, and bulky sweaters or jackets. Leave crushables for last – this too makes sense, I have a duffel bag but I packed up my things in the same order.

And this is the result!!!🤗  


But why do I have this bothersome sensation as if I had forgotten something? 🤔

Does anybody else have some pro tip to make the perfect luggage? Please share!