I was on my way home from the gym, thinking about new posts to write, new exhibitions to visit, new interests to nurture, new worlds to visit and galaxies to explore… when my housemaid suddently texted me that she had to go immediately back to her native country and was not coming back for at least a couple of months.
My house was a mayhem.

I’m not very good at tidying up, mopping, washing, ironing cooking and so on, it takes me forever… I’m not a perfect housewife I’m afraid – I haven’t been practicing a lot actually – but I suppose in my new condition as staying-at-home-mum I shall put up with this, so I went through the whole thing. But definitely I couldn’t do any of the things I had planned to do and frustration started arising.

I was a wreck when the kid came back from school saying that he had hit a classmate who had stuck his tongue out at him and, when I remarked that hitting is not at all acceptable under any circumstance whatsoever, he started crying saying that nobody wants to play with him cause he’s a mean kid. Said he didn’t want to go back to school ever again (you hit them and then you are sorry that they don’t like you because you hit them and since you’re sorry you don’t want to see them ever again… Really? OMG 😑).

Come what may, the only psychological problems I can reasonably cope with are those I’m told by my friends before a gin and tonic, which thing automatically doesn’t qualify me as a good preschoolers’ problem solver.

But I’m a mum and I was told that coping with whatever comes is my life’s mission, so we sat on a bench on the lakeside and I tried to comfort and calm him down but with very little or no success. After some 30 minutes of the kid’s utter desperation I was really disheartened and frankly on the brink of a nervous breakdown… when a greenish butterfly landed on my leg and stood there quite peacefully. It is to say that my tracksuit bottom is precisely the same shade of green as the butterfly’s wings so I guess she felt very much like home.

The kid and I were staring at it in amazement… went very very close, but apparently she wasn’t scared in the least. Then, after as long as at least a couple of minutes, she flew away.

We looked mesmerised at each other for a few more seconds and then he just stood up and headed toward home as happy as a kid can be.

And I interpreted it as a sign of encouragement: kind of an incitement to hang in there (or to not freak out at least), a helping hand from the universe (later on  in the afternoon the mean minion refused to do his homeworks and flooded the bathroom while I was fixing something for dinner, but that’s all another kettle of fish… ).

Some days go like this…