I’m a lazy person, on Sundays I love to wake up late and stroll around in my pyjama at least until lunch time. If it were up to me I would even go around in my pyjama… And apparently I would be in very good company since not only pyjama is another strong topic within the new fashion mainstream, but once again is the darling of man’s fashion (together with embroidery).



Now, however open minded I can be with reference to embroidery, the same doesn’t apply to grown up men hanging around in their pyjamas for the simple reason that – no matter how precious the fabric they are made of is – pyjamas are barely structured, loosely fitting clothes supposed to allow you to comfortably roll over in your bed. Patterns can even be amazing, but the fabric is too soft, the fitting too wide, I can’t help imagining the silk getting dirty and turnished under the rain, the pale skin of the neck and chest peeping out from the deep v neck and I draw from it such an impression of open vulnerability that really makes my teeth grit.

The reason for I don’t like a man going to work in his pyjama is that I actually conceive clothes as something you put on to present yourself to your peers, to relate to them, different according to the context, the circumstances, to the level of familiarity, to the swing of the moment… And what does a grown up man in his pyjama tell about himself? Unless he’s my husband and is bedtime, to me he says he does not want to be there, he would rather be at his own place… And then, let’s be honest… This world is not packed with handsome men who would look gorgeous in their refined, Decadent pyjama. 😬