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 I’ve always been fond of reading. I read a lot, and am very eclectic in choosing my reads. From Jonathan Franzen to Stephen King all the way through Philip Roth and Bret Easton Ellis (and J.K. Rowling and Michael Chabon and many others), I never miss a shot.   

As a lawyer I did actually write a lot too, but I wouldn’t count legal documents into any kind of good reads.

Now I realised one thing that I had never understood before: I really love to write… The more I write the more I feel like writing. More than that: I need to write, it helps me to live and carry on, it helps me to look at my life from a distance and to laugh at it even on those occasions on which there would be nothing to laugh about.

I spent many years doing something I didn’t really enjoy, but I couldn’t expect that doing something you like could be so gratifying. No matter what the actual result is, I enjoy the mere activity of reporting on something in writing, jotting down my thoughts, it seems to me to give more sense to everything. I can hardly imagine how writing for a living could be… kind of a bliss, I guess, and yet chances are that if your income depends on your inspiration running out of it must be a complete nightmare.   

But, for instance, according to Stephen King writing is a job like any other: he says he sits down in the morning and writes, no matter what. Every other year he writes a best seller and pays whatever he needs to pay. What a dream!

Now, without even mentioning the fact that, unfortunately, I am NOT Stephen King, as far as I’m concerned, writing requires a couple of things I am a bit short on for the time being: time and peace. 

It’s the two of us, the Almighty C. and I, and there’s little or no chance that the little thing can let go of me without fighting. There’s nowhere to hide no way to compromise: for at least the next 4 or 5 years the Almighty C., with all his actual and imaginary world, with his oddities and sweetness shall be my core business. So I thought my only way out is to write… ABOUT HIM! And hope nobody reads whatever I write, otherwise the best case scenario he will charge me with ruining his childhood 🙄…