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One of the best things about Davide Diodovich’s The Studio (see https://thelatebloomerblogger.com/2016/01/25/mass-seduction-weapon/) is that it has been expressly conceived in a way so as to allow you to have a room on your own or, in the worst case scenario, to share it with only another customer. You’re not sitting in a row with your locks wrapped up in tin foil while listening to the chit chat of the lady sitting next to you (which,honestly, is a great pity since I love to overhear other people’s conversations, it’s one of my favourite hobbies actually 😜), you’re welcomed in a lovely deco living room and offered something to drink and the guys will come one after the other to take care of you as if you were the only customer in the world. This is good under several stand points, particularly in that it usually prevents people from seeing you while you’re in the process of “restoring” yourself and allow you and your hairstylist to have the most sincere and informal conversations on what actually suits you and what doesn’t.
The other day I was in Milan and I went to The Studio to have my hair dyed and my split ends cut. 

The truth is that – no matter how young you can succeed in looking – chances are that your hair (together with your hands and neck) will however give you away. I’ve always been painfully conscious of the dreadful decay of my hands and neck, but, for some unknown reasons, I had never really thought of the effects of aging on my hair… Not until the other day, that is. 

I usually never brush my hair (literally, I tie it up in a ponytail and that’s it, I often even sleep with my hair tied up), which means that every time I do (or anybody else does) the fall is massive. First Susanna, the colourist, went through the whole process of concealing my grey hair and  enlightening the lengths without even mentioning the fact. Then Alessandro came in to rinse the stuff off and started suggesting that I should take some dietary supplement to reduce my hair loss. Last but not least Omar marched into my lovely deco sitting room, took a look, went out and eventually came back with a full range of products to help my very damaged hair to recover: the Alterna’s Caviar Repair X  (http://www.alternahaircare.com), also coming in the anti aging version for those of us who have nothing to loose any longer (which I assume is going to be right my case next time I’ll go there). As caring as he can be, Omar illustrated to me in details the many qualities of these innovative top-of-the-crop products (which I have been using recently and are not bad at all, even though a little bit heavy maybe) and also provided me with the relevant brochure starring a not unforgettable Katie Holmes (who is however much younger than me and is already modelling for some mature women’s hair products that is quite depressive, if you want my opinion) performing her utmost as a testimonial. Rossellini and Stone were already taken.

And in that brochure I eventually found the product that really suits me: the ALTERNA STYLIST 2 MINUTES ROOTS TOUCH UP. How joyful, how blissful! Yes because I can’t stand my grey hair but so far I got to the point that after just a couple of weeks I start seeing some grey roots peeping out. I can’t go to the colourist every other week! 😱 So, just to cope up with your aging hair for a little big longer (or maybe want to blend your brunette roots into your golden mane) or if you happen to have a party or on any particular occasion you would rather look at your best, you can brush this product over your stray greys and fix the problem.

Now you may object that the final effect of these DIY home made corrections is way worse than the fault they meant to fix and you would definitely be right and you and I would be on the same page… but, at the end of the day, if Katie Holmes is disposed to put herself on the line, I guess I can even give it a go 😏