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I’m quite a party person. I like dressing up, I like drinking, I like dancing, I love to meet my old friends. As I have already mentioned (https://thelatebloomerblogger.com/2015/11/11/50-is-the-new-18/) when I was young there were the 18th birthday parties, then came the 50th birthday parties and I thought that was it. And I was wrong. Terribly wrong. There’s another kind of party whose existence I didn’t even expect that rules over here.

Yesterday I went to probably the most incredible birthday party ever: the 5th birthday of a classmate of my son. The theme was Star Wars and I would definitely say they didn’t spare themselves. We were coming from the mountains so we got late at a beautiful villa on the hills around Lugano, we entered the doorway and suddenly it was like being at the Mos Eisley Cantina on the planet Tatooine.

An entire fleet of space ship balloons was hovering in the air while a real size A-wing fighter complete with position lights entirely made out of balloons was parked in a corner. Princess Leia was putting make up on some kids who appeared to have been badly injured with very realistic scratches and wounds, while Darth Maul was at the dj set playing disco music.   

Chewbacca, empire soldiers and Jedi knights were hanging about entertaining the kids who had been provided with flashing lightsabers, which they appeared to fancy very much.


But the thing that literally drove me crazy were the theme cupcakes made by the renowned Pasticceria Sant’Ambroeus in Milan. It must be there a kid inside me, because on my way out I hardly refrained from asking if I could take a Death Star ballon…

The Almighty C. asked if he can have a theme party too for his birthday later on in June 😬… I guess I shall think of something a little bit creative here 🤔 . I’ll keep you in the loop.