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Here we are again at the mountains. Fortunately the sun’s shining, husband is working, the Almighty C. is enjoying his ski lessons with his holy teacher and I? What could I do? 

I used to ski until some 10/15 years ago and even then I was not good at all, so first I wandered around a little bit, sat down at the Piruetta and sun bathed, but I could not even write or read because the light was too bright and I was alone so before long I started getting bored.

At the end of the day, the air was warm and the sun shined, there was almost nobody on the slopes and so I decided to give it a chance and try to see what it feels like to ski after all these years.

First, the attire: even though technical clothing has incredibly developed over the last few years of course I was not willing to buy a complete new attire (actually I WAS willing to go to Jet Set https://www.jetset.ch and buy a brand new attire, but it didn’t really seem to me to be the case 😬) so I opted for what my husband very nicely called a “Cortina late ’60s attire”, black t-shirt, black V neck, black trousers and black gloves, all of it dating back to the ’90s, the only exception being a Moncler super light super tight hooded jacket that my mother in law gave me the other day. With my huge pink glasses that are conveniently photosensitive I actually looked a little odd, but it’s ok.  

 Second, the gear: I remember I used to die under the weight of my skys barely dragging my feet shoed into some 5kg each boots. No more of that, to my relief eventually ski boots and skis are no longer the boulders they used to be and for good measure I also rented a helmet that didn’t really suit me but made me feel much safer 🤔. 

Third, the teacher: I thought it could be wise to have somebody to tell me how to use the new gear and it definitely was a good idea. I applied the Almighty C.’s ski school, (http://www.scuolascispeciale.it) and was given a teacher, Riccardo, who’s used to working with kids and people with special needs and was actually perfect for me considering that I can’t tell my right from my left hand side.   

And finally… Oh boy what a great fun I had! You all should to do something you haven’t been doing for ages. It actually makes you feel so… Young! 😀 and on top of that I had the chance to ski with the Almighty C. who succeeds in being himself even on the ski slopes and wants to chose the slopes himself. And last but not least I was offered gummy bears and candies by the guys at the lifts. What a perfect day it was.

On a second thought I could even consider going to Jet Set and buy a brand new  attire 😜