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I didn’t write anything in the last two weeks because I was on holiday. Well, not really… Sort of. I was in Milan living the life I was used to before moving to Switzerland… And it really looked very much like a holiday. I had almost forgotten what a great fun that life was: friends, events, hanging around and about, the MiArt (art fair), the Design week, Milan is really the place to be in right now… The differences between my current life in Lugano and my former life in Milan are just mesmerising, and yet I think my life has improved since I moved to Lugano.   

from my window in milano

No doubt for the Almighty C. Lugano is a blessing, not only a far as the quality of every day life… I think I (and this is probably valid also for my husband) hardly knew my son as long as we lived in Milan. And it’s not only the fact that I used to work back then, it’s that I didn’t really “focus” on him until we moved to Switzerland and the holy TASIS teachers called me to tell me that there was something “quite peculiar” about him. And there is! We have been looking him turning from an introverted, shy and lonely child into some messy, bossy, sweet, funny, outgoing, confident, chatterbox, sharp kid whose exploits and jokes are rapidly becoming legend among those who know him.
No doubt Lugano is a blessing for my husband too who is now doing what he has been longing to do for all his life: working alone, taking his own decisions, making his own strategy, being the only one responsible for himself, even if it means to devote every minute to his job basically 24/7.
And I? What about me? Well, the great difference between Milano and Lugano is that I didn’t really feel “responsible” for my family as long as we lived in Milan: we all had our respective duties to accomplish and that was it. Now that we are in Lugano I realised that for the time being my duty is to keep everything together. What’s more I feel responsible for somebody else’s lives, I feel I have an active role in them and can make a difference. Never felt anything like that before in my whole life.

from my window in lugano


And yet being in Milan for a few days was a great fun… And eventually have loads of things to write about šŸ˜‰… I’ll catch up with you next week!