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The Almighty C. is getting bigger and, under many stand points, also wittier by the hour (this is basically the only reason for he’s still alive). I think I could post one of his quotations per day if I only wanted to… He’s currently in his “spooky” period and says he wants to grow up to be a vampire like his daddy. šŸ˜•

Today he just woke up at 5.30 and spread the flour all over the place. When we got up 1 hour later and looked horrified at the house covered in flour he said he was preparing the witch’s soup. šŸ˜‘

Thus, as soon as he got home from school this afternoon, I wanted him to take a bath to get rid of the flour he still had in his hair, but he put on kind of a freak costume with bat’s wings, a witch’s hat and a huge wooden Hello Kitty necklace and said:

“Mum….I need to fly up to the village to get some blood, I’ll take my bath later!”.

OMG, it’s only Monday šŸ˜¬