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For those of you who are fashion addicted and have not discovered Villoid yet (if any), hurry up, register, now. You will love it.

 Villoid is Alexa Chung’s last idea. Basically it is a social network for fashion freaks: you can join, browse through a huge choice of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, save your favourite items and create your own Style Boards as in a fashion magazine and share everything on the other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook etc. or send it to a friend.  

Of course you can also buy online one or more of the items you chose to put in your outfit, but you can also use pictures of your own clothes and mix them together with theirs. 

It is very much like playing to be one of those lucky gals who arrange the photographic services choosing the models and their outfits, an exotic and quite enviable profession that – here in Italy at least – goes under the  name of “stylist”.

And of course you can follow your favourite fashion addicted fellows and pick items from their outfits…  

 I just loved it, so my suggestion is that you register asap… And follow me of course!! Pity since I discovered Villoid I have much less time left 😜