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Today’s my birthday. Actually there’s not much about turning my age (whatever it is over 40, I’m not sure I want anybody to know) I would really like to cherish and share, to be honest 😒. I must admit I always feel kind of awkward about getting older, as if I was somehow embarrassed, which is probably due to the fact that on my birthdays I realise I’m no longer the chick I feel inside. 

However, birthdays always give you an occasion to make yourself some presents and so I gave it a considered thought and this is my wish list, some items are reasonably affordable, some others are not, but this is what I would probably buy should I be given a sponsor’s black Amex 😜

First stop would be in Milan, Via Bandello 14, at Galleria Rossana Orlandi (http://rossanaorlandi.com/).

Rossana is one of a kind person and definitely would deserve the visit herself, but what she offers in terms of selection of pieces that are on the cutting edge of art, design and sheer whim is definitely amazing. On this jolly occasion I reckon I would really fancy one of Benedetta Mori Ubaldini’s sculptures, and particularly I thing I would opt for either a deer head or a jelly fish to hang in the living room. Benedetta makes these very aerial coloured sculptures out of industrial rolled “chicken” wire that she shapes up by hand usually in the form of animals or tales characters. The final effect is a 3D image that seems to come out of an impression of yours rather than being something that physically exists in the room.

Other thing I really love and always bewitch me are the so called oeil de sorciére (the witch’s eye), the convex mirrors that I love to collect and that nowadays you can only find at some antique dealer’s or at Canestrelli’s shop at Dorsoduro in Venice; Camestrelli’s the only one who still makes these mirrors by hand (so, also in case you happen to break one, your only chance to have it replaced is to return to http://www.venicemirrors.com/msit.htm)… 

Canestrelli in Dorsoduro

Last but not least, as a fashion addicted, I think I would go very very big for the Valentino’s coat underneath 

It’s on sale on Villoid for almost half of his former price (that is 9k instead of 15k 😲), but maybe with all those feathers I could consider selling my home and going to live into the wild 😜…

For the time being, and until I find some sponsors, I think on this special occasion I will devote myself to something I’ve never done before, a brand new activity I’ve never ever experienced in my life … I’ll clean the microwave 😑