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Some children have strong passions…  Not all of them, but some of this little fellows appear to be almost obsessed by specific items: Hugo loves trains, James is fond of swords and sabers, Nathan has innumerable cars of any shape and size, while Giorgio spends his days kicking a ball and is getting very good at it. 

Their parents always know what to buy on any occasions whatsoever and every now and then they may happen to surrender to their kid’s tantrums and buy a new train, sword, car or pro leather ball.

We never surrender. NEVER. We’re solid as rocks in opposing our firm denial to whichever tantrum the Almighty C. may happen to throw, even in the middle of the street, no matter how embarrassing it can be.

Actually surrender is something that we just can’t afford doing… Yes, because the Almighty C. developed an insane passion for high jewellry.

He particularly loves diamonds and blue sapphires but is not indifferent to pearls and corals either. As far as coloured stuff he proves to strongly favour Pomellato’s creations, particularly their multifaceted cuts, but when it comes to diamonds he’s quite old fashioned and definitely prefers classic pieces by Harry Winston, Asprey, Tiffany and the like.

Now, the other day we were walking down a renowned street in the heart of Milan when the Almighty C. bumped into a window packed with the brightest whitest and biggest diamonds he (and I for that matter) had ever seen… And it was the Armageddon. I’m not sure whether you ever happened to see a 5/6 year old throwing a huge tantrum before the window of a famous jeweller … Definitely the bystanders didn’t and apparently found it very exciting and in a few (for me never ending 😑) seconds there were people staring at us as if we were some street art performers. I didn’t know where to hide and wanted to die on the spot. A distinguished elderly lady asked me if she’d got it right and the kid was actually throwing a tantrum because he wanted the earrings on display and I had to confirm: “how cute – she said – you should be proud of him, he’s got an impeccable taste” 😳.