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On my birthday, a few days ago, the Almighty C. spent the whole day saying: “see Mom? Nobody threw a birthday party for you, nobody remembers your
birthday, nobody cares…” 😑 Beside being terribly irritating this obsession of his led me to think that he must have some great expectations as far as his own birthday… 
Now, I usually love parties, including birthday parties, the only exceptions being: 

  1. My own birthday party;
  2. Children’s parties whatsoever.

alice in wonderland

    Between the aforementioned two, no doubt the second is by far the most dreaded. BUT… What to do when you realise your little brat is anxious about his own birthday party? That’s it: you go for the best party you can arrange with your limited means and your complete ignorance of the topic… And in a few minutes it was clear that my only chance to survive was to return to a professional… And I remembered of something I saw a few years ago when children’s parties were none of my business but I considered for a party for myself: the Funky Party Mama (https://www.facebook.com/funkypartymama/).


    Elena is a young, incredibly creative lady who puts so much care and enthusiasm into what she does that you really can’t wait to join the party. And this is I think her added value, she gives the kids something that they unfortunately don’t happen to experience that often nowadays: anticipation. You choose the leading theme for your party among those already available on the website (but you can even have one developed expressly for you) all of which feature the nicest graphics but are brand free, in a sense that they do not refer to any existing cartoon or TV series or popular characters. 


    The Funky Party Mama sends you the complete “party kit” usually consisting of different items depending on the specific theme to be prepared and sent to all those invited a few days before the party, which creates big expectations among the kids who can start playing with it  straightaway (basic party kits usually include the save the date notice and invitation to be sent via Sms or email, the stuff to set the table like bottle tags, toppers, table mats, etc. etc. a welcome billboard and a wreath).


    If you are one of those lucky human beings whose children love to do these things themselves (which is definitely not the case of the Almighty C.), you can buy the 60€ funkypartymama digital kit and you will be sent via email all the stuff that you can enjoy printing down and assembling together with your little ones, otherwise you can have the already prepared kit for a price depending  on the theme you chose and the number of the participants.

    Personally I love the Alice in wonderland theme, but I know the Almighty C. would be mad about the pirate theme with the relevant treasure hunt. We could have an eye patch to be sent with the party kit and a themed backdrop for the kids to have their portrait in a pirate costume with a real parrot as a buddy…

    As far as I’m concerned, in spite of my strong dislike for my own birthday, I’ve already decided that for next year I want them to develop a “Great Gatsby” party kit expressly for me… You are going to love it, I’m sure 😉

    And then I thought of some outfits to go with the different party themes …