I sincerely hope you’ve never lived the experience of a beloved one dying of cancer, but if you did you certainly remember how excruciating and harsh their fight was. Some of them overcome it in the end, some of them don’t, but the path is always pitiless. You really need some nerve and an indomitable spirit to go through it. And further to all the pain and the illness it is hard to look at yourself in the mirror and see the marks the very therapies to try to survive dig deeply into you.

But unfortunately some of us did live this experience and felt the urge to actively try to find a way to help women to fight back. 

And hence Dee di vita (literally Godesses of life http://www.deedivita.org/) was born from a partnership between Mantero and the San Raffaele hospital for the creation of a special turban (named Vita) designed by the creative team at Mantero thanks to the precious advice of patients taking part in Salute allo Specchio (health in front of the mirror) a psychological and social support project dedicated to all women undergoing treatment for cancer at the San Raffaele hospital.

And last Monday before some 800 people the wonderful photographer Guido Taroni’s intriguing and seductive portraits of 16 beautiful women of all ages wearing their Vita turban were unveiled at the Triennale in Milan.

I admit to have a soft spot for turbans: I find them extremely elegant versatile and think they become me very much. In this particular case the aim Mantero pursued was to make something that could be easy to put on and becoming to actively support women undergoing treatment at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and help them rekindle the will to take care of themselves, to feel better. Vita is on sale to the public at http://manteroseta-web.socialapp-store.com/special-projects. Part of the revenues from sales will be handed over to the San Raffaele hospital’s Salute allo Specchio programme.

I literally fell in love with the patterns and got 3 of them on the spot because not only is it Easy peasy to put on but it also fits perfectly!  Oh and I feel such a Diva!!! And it also works perfectly as a superheroe mantel, just as the case may be😜.

 If you expect a gift from me for any reason whatsoever chances are you’ll get a Vita turban.