You may have noticed that I definitely didn’t write much over the last few weeks and the reason is that in this very moment I’m at work on an immensely complicated contract.

Yeah, that’s it, unexpectedly I’m working as a lawyer. Actually a few weeks ago some friends of mine told me of a project of theirs that I really found amazing and asked me if I wanted to join in. At the end of the day I admit I’m a superstitious Italian middle aged woman, so I’m not telling you what this thing is about right now, I’d rather wait for the kick-off so to speak, but – take it from me – I really think this thing has more than a chance to succeed.

But this is not the aspect of my being back at work as a lawyer that really strikes me: what really is leaving me dumbfounded is the reaction of the Almighty C. to that. As long as I worked as a lawyer I had a nanny taking care of the kid, so I could actually dedicate myself to what I was doing, but then it was almost a couple of years now that basically the Almighty C. and I lived this kind of mother-son idyllic life and he definitely didn’t appreciate the change. He’s retaliating actually.

Now, writing my blog has always been an entertainment, I’d have so many things to tell that I may write a post every other day, no matter what, no matter where, but focusing on some 50/60 pages of general terms of contract is all another kettle of fish… I REALLY need to focus. I have no idea how working-from-home parents do: either they only work when their kids are at school or they really develop the ability to concentrate of a free-deep-diver… Or, of course, their kids are more yielding than the Almighty C..

He started messing up with my PC, battery charges etc. Then he got on to calling me every other minute asking for anything whatsoever, from a glass of water to the way babies born and who puts them in their mummies’ tummies… 😑

Eventually today, while I was on the phone with my client, he popped up completely naked except for his bat wings got running around the room shouting that he had to poop and he wanted me to keep him company.

The most difficult part was to not strangle him right on the spot… You know, as a mother nothing jeopardise people’s trust in your professionality like hearing you going ballistic at your kid 🙄