When we moved to Switzerland and I decided to enroll the Almighty C. with the American School in Switzerland  (TASIS) I was told everything whatsoever about what a bad idea it was, how spoilt the kids were, how indifferent their families and harsh the curriculum. Of all these arguments I must say the only one that proved right is that actually the Core Knowledge is a very hard curriculum and since the very beginning the Almighty C. demonstrated to have little or no interest in writing, reading and counting at as early as 4.

That being stated, however, I loved TASIS very much. It’s true that their tutorial fees are high but their expenses to maintain the campus and its facilities and to pay their competent staff are possibly even higher, so they end up covering all the expenses and anything left, if any, is reinvested to improve the campus (as results from their annual financial statements that are regularly delivered to all the students’ families to see what their money has been invested on). As always the difference is made by people.

the Almighty C. in De Nobili

It is a multicultural community of expats, people living far from the place they belong to. With a student body representing more than 60 nationalities and speaking more than 40 languages, cultural differences are celebrated as students challenge and inspire one another to become global citizens, which is actually what they will be forced to be as grown ups, like it or not. And – above all – they loved my kid as I didn’t think possible: thank to them he literally thrived and – believe me – he’s not easy peasy to deal with. Particularly Ms. Tracie, one of his 3 teachers (in pre-k the ratio is 1 teacher in every 4 kids) has been kind of an alternate mother for him over the last two years.

Yesterday was the last day of school. In the morning in the gym there was the “moving up” ceremony. It is kind of a celebration of the end of the elementary school for fifth graders and an occasion to say goodbye to everybody in view of the summer holidays, followed by a lunch in De Nobili, one of the campus beautiful buildings. We kissed everybody goodbye with more than a hint of commotion and left…

And today at 6.45 – on his first day of holiday – the Almighty C. came to wake me up and asked: “mummy? Did Ms. Tracie instruct you on what to do with me during the holidays?”… 😳

Tracie… You’re ALREADY missed! 😩