In this very moment my mother my son and I are on an Aer Lingus flight heading to Dublin and to a healthier, more conscious and sustainable life. Over the last few months I gained some 4 very unnecessary kilos, my mum has been having digesting problems ever since 2008 and my kid lives on a strict diet of red meat and chocolate. I’m definitely not a healthy food addicted, but have several alimentary allergies and noticed that – the older I get – the harder it is to get along with my messy food habits so I decided to give it a go and try this “life changing experience”.

For one week we will be in Dublin in a lovely cottage on the beach overlooking the ocean and will be looked after by a nutritionist and naturopath who will show us how to choose and cook our food and try to live a better life.

So this is a reportage on what happens when you open up to a different lifestyle and try to embrace it in just 7 days.

Before leaving I was instructed to have tomatoes and bresaola together with a cup of hot water at breakfast (I was also given the chance to have porridge with red fruits and bananas but I opted for something I already had in the fridge). Of course at the airport mummy bought a bottle of gin to fix herself a martini cocktail later at aperitif time and a huge pack of chocolate bars for the Almighty C. and I’m sitting here thinking I would rather have an Irish Breakfast, so I guess we’re going to be quite a challenge for our new host… I’ll keep you in the loop 😏