I’m not into politics so there’s basically no reasons for you should be however interested in my opinion on the recent outcomes of the American Elections, and indeed I was writing my post on what to do in London with kids, but really the Donald being appointed President of the USA (and commander in chief of its military force, which is not a minor issue considering his temper) and the Republicans taking control of both the Senate and the House is something noteworthy, so I decided to follow all the comments and debates on this topic.

Considering my limited knowledge of the US politics and my poor understanding of the bloke himself, I’m certainly not giving you my view on the likely aftermaths of Trump’s election (not that I have any, for that matter), but I can’t help thinking that if the Yalta Conference* were to be held in 2017, we would have Donald Trump instead of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Theresa May instead of Sir Winston Churchill and Vladimir Putin instead of Joseph Stalin, altogether deciding the destiny of Europe and this very idea just makes my teeth grit. 😬

What I would like to drive your attention to is the reaction of the allegedly most cultured, liberal and illuminated opinion and the ruling class. I spent the whole day listening to the main radio stations worldwide commenting on these results and most of the times “unexpected”, “shocking”, “unbelievable” and so on is what I heard politicians and journalists and analysts calling the Donald’s victory, adding for good measure, and with what actually sounded like a hint of  snobbery, that the latter is nothing but the result of the vote of the ignorant, poor, dissatisfied and enraged part of the population. And they’re probably right, but the question is (or at least should be): “how does it come so many people got dissatisfied to the point of voting Trump in order to get rid of the ruling class, without you even noticing?”. 

If you think about it, the astonished surprise of both the opinion and the establishment is the same that welcomed the outcome of the Brexit referendum earlier this year. On the contrary, at the end of the day, the Donald’s victory appears to be perfectly in line with the politic trend of the moment: I don’t like it, I would have preferred otherwise, but it was not so “unexpected” or “unlikely” that the Brexit side and the Trump side could actually prevail, it was crystal clear that people were definitely fed up. Or it had to be at least.

I wonder to what extent – beside what will happen from now on in the States and the (not so) United Kinddom and in Europe at large, not to mention in Italy after the December referendum – our current problems have  to do with the quality, independence and effectiveness of the information we’re provided with by our media and the apparent inability of our ruling class to understand what is coming about and to keep in touch with real people that – like it or not – are the majority of those who actually vote. Too bad, it seems the press and the establishment have a strong bent to just underestimate those phenomenons they basically dislike. 

It happened in the U.K. with Farage, in the U.S. with Trump… I wonder who’s next 🤔

*the February 1945 Yalta Conference, was the World War II meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union for the purpose of discussing Europe’s post-war reorganization. For further details http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/yalta-conference