Now, imagine you have a mere couple of days in London with your kids: you can either drag them along while you go shopping and visit museums and exhibitions (which is likely to make them – and therefore you – very miserable) or try to make a deal and concede them a full day to cherish what London has to offer (which, believe me, is a great deal of stuff) in exchange for a day entirely dedicated to YOUR favourite activities. It probably won’t work but it is worth trying.

No need to tell you that Time Out website will tell you anything you need to know about London latest events and entertainments (

Also visit See Tickets ( before leaving: among thousands of events you can look for those specifically intended for children and buy tickets for different entertainments in advance (and either save some money or – in some cases – go for the luxury tickets that cost an arm and a leg but allow you to skip all the lines and the crowd… a blessing). Just be careful in case you choose a formula including a visit at Madam Tussaud’s wax museum (  in Marylebone, because most of the times they provide for you to collect your multiple tickets over there, which means that – unless you’ve opted for the luxury ticket – you’ll have to be ready for 1 hour wait outside in the street before being allowed to visit the museum or however collect your tickets. So my suggestion is to carefully read where you are supposed to collect your tickets.

Nearby the Tate Modern, right off Queen’s walk, where the London Eye is  (5 mins walk from Waterloo station), the County Hall on the south bank of the river Thames has been turned into the land of plenty of London kids’ entertainment. You can basically have breakfast early in the morning, land there with your offspring  and put up with the idea that you won’t go back to real life any soon, no matter how desperate for at least a gin and tonic you will be in the end.  

The whole neighbourhood is strongly developing and there are cranes and new buildings popping up everywhere. Should the real estate market really plunge after Brexit it may be worth considering investing in the new skyscraper being built right beside the London Eye in Jubilee Gardens.

Let’s start from the aquarium. Have you ever visited either Barcelona or Genoa aquarium? Well, forget about, this is all another kettle of fish 😜. With its dim lights and marine inspired design (with flickering lanterns and ropes scattered all over) London Sea Life actually reminds me more of a cheesy fish restaurants, but it is certainly the biggest aquarium in London and it won’t take too long. The best part in the Almighty C.’S opinion – beside the penguin hall and the one octopus they have (probably would have found a healthier one at Happy Fish πŸ€”) – was the store. And indeed I strongly suggest the pink tentacles you can sport, one on each finger, to make 100% sure your little one and yourself won’t go unnoticed in the streets πŸ˜‘.

               … to be continued…